How to Suspend/Unsuspend a domain name?



  • Suspension of a domain name means disruption of one and all services that are associated with that particular domain name. This includes email hosting, web hosting etc.
  • Because of the restrictions that are imposed by Registry, Gossimer is unable to Suspend/Unsuspend the domain names with following TLDs (extensions):
  • .UK
  • .EU
  • .DE
  • .CA
  • It is not possible to modify the Name Servers or Contact Details of a domain name while it is suspended.
  • If one tries to make a Transfer (away) Request for a suspended domain name to another Registrar, it will fail at the Registry level itself.

The only exception to this rule is domain names ending with .AU extensions. Because .AU Registry does not allow blocking transfers, one is allowed to make transfers on suspended domain names also.

  • One would not be able to make Deletion or Renewal of domain names with suspended status.
  • Any Transfer/Push/Move of suspended domain name to some other customer account would also fail.
  • Only Gossimer or you are allowed to Unsuspend a domain name that you suspended.
  • You are not allowed to Unsuspend a domain name that has been suspended by Gossimer.
  • Under no circumstances can a customer Unsuspend a suspended domain name.

Steps to Suspend/Unsuspend a given Domain Name

  1. Access your Control Panel and look for the domain name you would like to Suspend/Unsuspend.
  2. Go to Order Details view.
  3. Now,
  • To Suspend a Domain Name:
  • Click on link that says Lock/Suspend.
  • Click on radio button called Suspend, input the reason for suspending the domain and click Update.


Your Customer/Sub-Reseller (depending on who the domain name belongs to: your Customer or your Sub-Reseller’s customer) would be able to see the reason you enter for suspension from their Control PanelàOrder Details view.

  • To Unsuspend a Domain Name:
  • Click on the button that says Unsuspend Order.
Click on the radio button called No Restriction and click Update.
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